Course Details

Duration: 30 hours of hands-on training

Age Requirement: 18 years of age or older

Material Included

Course Book, Class Materials, Exam Certification Card

Course Description

This 4 day course is designed for those who would like to become a bartender or for those who would like a better knowledge of the bartending trade.

This Bartending Certification gives you the hands on training and knowledge you need to be a successful bartender. Bartending is more than mixing drinks; it is product knowledge, cocktail synergy, excellent customer service and speed.

This training covers all the must know cocktails used in today’s bars as well as some of the classic cocktails from the past. Learning and mixing different drinks, shooters and cocktails behind real bars in our state-of-the-art facility will have you ready for the real world of bartending. We spend time teaching correct preparation methods, so each drink you make tastes the same as the bartender that created it.

Knowledge of the products you are serving will help you when you are asked the question “what would you suggest?”. Learning the flavours and characteristics of each spirit and liqueur will help you narrow down what a guest likes and will help you to suggestively sell products to increase cheque average.

Great customer service is the most important part of and will help you maximize your tips. Many say bartenders have the unofficial job of being a therapist while behind the bar. The relationships you build with customers will create a following of regulars that will only want to sit at your bar because you know what they like.

Price: $350 +HST

Bartending Certification Course

“I took the bartending course, very comprehensive and Kate was a great teacher. I feel confident in my abilities heading into the industry now”

Dre Dinnall

Bartending Certification Course

I took this course in 2015 and it was the best experience of my life. The instructor, the materials and the facility were top-notch. Once I completed this course I gained the knowledge needed to achieve the employment I desired. I have been able to work evenings at a top Toronto Bar earning enough tips in a week to pay all my bills and to also have employment at a high end members only club. I feel confident in any order that I receive from any type of customer. I highly recommend iTrain bartending certification.

Alana Copps